While most of the world knows Japan for its colorful contrast of modernity versus tradition, there is yet another more introspective side to this fascinating country – a quieter side, where the people are still connected to the land, its harvest, and ancient belief systems. This road less traveled leads you to rural and coastal communities in the heartland, to a wellspring of the nation’s core beliefs and values.
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Enhancing Regional Communities Through a Global Perspective
  The Heartland JAPAN concept is neatly captured by the word "heartland", which for us means a mix of nurturing families and farms, a center of values and dreams, a practical toughness and perseverance, and of course authentic country cooking and customs. Japan’s regions have suffered greatly from depopulation and shifting trade patterns, and to help revitalize these rural and coastal communities, we are working to bring foreign tourists to every corner of the country to experience a slice of traditional, culturally-rich lifestyle. Every country has their own Heartland, but for tourists to Japan the rural experience has been crowded out by the noise and commercialism of the major cities, eye-catching tradition, and 21st century gizmos. Now we want to put some balance back into the mix, taking you back to simpler times and deeper local experiences. Where you can touch the life of a local craftsperson, a farmer, a fisherperson, and discover a new perspective of what makes Japan so special.


Heartland Japan Representative (Liberta Inc. CEO & Founder)
Keijiro Sawano
Japans inbound rural tourism and rural exports sectors are still in their infancy and the potential of both are being hampered by the nation’s lack of international business skills, international networks, global-standard systems and integration, language problems, and various cultural differences. In order to solve these challenges, Heartland Japan has positioned itself to be a hub of like-minded individuals and entities, coming together to form a proactive and competent business and technical community to support Japan’s heartland. Our catch phrase is: "Helping regional economies by using foreign perspective".

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【Ehime Kurushima-kaikyo-ohashi Bridges, from Mt. Kiro】【Gunma Carp Streamers, Akaya Lake】【Yamaguchi Farmer in Higashi-ushirobata Rice Terrace】
【Hiroshima Streetscape of Yutakamachi-Mitarai】【Niigata Wakabayashi-tei House】©経済産業省、【表示4.0 国際】ライセンス