Had interview from local radio station

This morning June 19th at 9am, Heartland Japan’s CEO Keijiro Sawano gave a phone interview in direct radio live show broadcasted in Yamaguchi prefecture. Born and raised in Yamaguchi prefecture, Sawano talked about a period when he briefly lost the connection with his roots, and how he later ended up establishing Heartland Japan. 

Keijiro Sawano Liberta, Heartland JAPAN


When the talk comes to a tour in Hagi and Tsuwano and Iwami kagura performance, CEO Sawano can not hide his enthusiasm. Among several types of kagura, why are foreigners so excited about Iwami one? It is definitely the dynamics of the performance, unusual possibility to see the backstage and communicate with performers and other locals. This kind of cultural interaction is the highlight of a trip for many, and directly related to the satisfaction tourists get from traveling in Japan. 


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KRY radio Keijiro Sawano


CEO Sawano spoke about how the travel agency with close connections to Yamaguchi area can take people to places where it is hard to go as an individual tourist, and show them the charm of rural Japan – which is the idea and passion of Heartland Japan!


【Ehime Kurushima-kaikyo-ohashi Bridges, from Mt. Kiro】【Gunma Carp Streamers, Akaya Lake】【Yamaguchi Farmer in Higashi-ushirobata Rice Terrace】
【Hiroshima Streetscape of Yutakamachi-Mitarai】【Niigata Wakabayashi-tei House】©経済産業省、【表示4.0 国際】ライセンス https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/