Heartland JAPAN Seminar

Heartland JAPAN Seminar

Japan Inbound Travel Trends, Opportunities

A Free Seminar By

Leading Tokyo-based Australian Entrepreneur Terrie Lloyd



Tokyo, Japan (February 2, 2018) – The Heartland JAPAN project and Japan Travel KK are pleased to announce two public seminars providing the latest news and trends on the soaring Japanese inbound travel market. The seminars will be conducted by renowned Australian-Kiwi entrepreneur, Terrie Lloyd, in both the Sydney CBD area (Friday February 9th, 2018) and at the Quest Hotel by the Sydney Olympic Park on (Saturday February 10, 2018).

Mr. Lloyd has an extensive business track record in Japan, having established 17 companies over his 34 years in Tokyo. Lloyd started his latest venture, www.japantravel.com, in November 2011, as a response to the devastating Tohoku earthquake in March of that year. The country not only recovered from the disaster, but is now witnessing the largest continuous inbound travel expansion of any major country in the world, having grown 450% from 6.2 million foreign visitors in 2011 to an astounding 28 million in 2017.

Lloyd’s presentation will in focus on repeat travelers, who now account for more than 55% of the flow, and who are demanding more specialist experiences that typically define a maturing market. He will give some specific examples of new travel products and services now under development, particularly highlighting hiking and trekking trails around some of Japan’s still-underdeveloped regions (read: low cost, great food, and no hordes of tourists). Other topics will include the room sharing sector (Airbnb and Minpaku), Australian and Kiwi tourism entrepreneurs active in Japan who are building popular new destinations, fresh developments in the adventure travel sector, and of course the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Olympic Games.

The seminars both start at 18:00 sharp, and are completely free of charge, but require advance registration by emailing: Jerome.lee@japantravel.com.



About Liberta Inc.

Heartland JAPAN, a project by Liberta, Inc. (Representative Director: Keijiro Sawano, Office: Shinjuku-ku Tokyo) also announces today the launch of its new walking tours, starting from August 2018.

Heartland JAPAN is an initiative to revitalize Japan’s rural areas, using “slow tourism” hiking tours to help non-Japanese visitors discover these hidden cultural gems. Japan’s tourism boom has been uneven in its reach, and Heartland Japan intends to open up the nation’s beautiful, bucolic countryside, with such tools as digital information, fulfillment technology, unique tours, interesting activities and improved physical access.


Liberta Inc. website: http://liberta-inc.com/en/

Heartland JAPAN website: https://heartlandjapan.jp/en/



Tours developed for Summer 2018:

“Aso Walking Tour”

– Experience the heartland of Japan in the ancient and stunning landscape of Kumamoto Prefecture, known as hi no kuni, or the “land of fire”.

– Hike Mount Aso, Japan’s most active volcano and one of the world’s largest caldera volcanoes.

– Explore scenic trails in Aso Kuju National Park and Aso Geopark, a UNESCO Global Geopark.

– Trek Futae-No-Touge Pass, a portion of the historic Bundo Circuit, once traversed by samurai and feudal lords of the Kumamoto Domain.

– Eat Kumamoto aka ushi, a variety of Japanese beef (wagyu) renowned for its rich coloring, marbling, flavor, and tenderness.

– Experience the relaxing Japanese custom of bathing in a hot spring, or onsen.

– Enjoy a riveting performance of kagura, a traditional Japanese art of storytelling.


About Japan Travel KK

Japan Travel KK is Japan’s largest (by content volume) and second largest (by traffic) inbound travel site. The site uses a patented crowdsourcing platform (ACQ2) to create massive amounts of high-grade user generated content, serving as a travel reference to intending visitors. Currently the website has 33,000 writers, photographers, and videographers, producing 30-50 articles and videos a day in 13 languages.

Building on the portal business, Japan Travel also has a highly experienced Type 2 licenced Ground Operator travel agency business which partners with travel sellers around the world. The Travel Agency team works with local governments and vendors to create and deliver unique tours and experiences around Japan.

New partnership inquiries are welcome.

Website: www.japantravel.com

Terrie Lloyd: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terrielloyd/


Press Contact:

Person: Jerome.lee@japantravel.com, Travel Agency Director, Japan Travel KK

Email: jerome.lee@japantravel.com

Address: 3-5-17 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan

Tel: +81-3-4588-2676





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