Ube Biennale Project has get started!

The Ube Biennale Project in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, has begun.



From its origins as a town of coal mines, present day Ube City has undergone a great deal of development, becoming a microcosm and perfect example of Japan’s modernization. The city, which has transformed from a coal mine town to a city of Chemistry, has advanced alongside Japan and is now also a frontrunner in regards to Modern Art. In fact, Ube was the pioneer when it came to implementing the idea of a ‘Biennale’ (a biannual exhibition of sculpture), which has now gained popularity across the country.



Heartland JAPAN has positioned Ube City’s Biennale as a core tourist asset, and will continue to commercialize the area on the basis of its rich history, culture, nature and community.


【Ehime Kurushima-kaikyo-ohashi Bridges, from Mt. Kiro】【Gunma Carp Streamers, Akaya Lake】【Yamaguchi Farmer in Higashi-ushirobata Rice Terrace】
【Hiroshima Streetscape of Yutakamachi-Mitarai】【Niigata Wakabayashi-tei House】©経済産業省、【表示4.0 国際】ライセンス https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/